Intrapersonal Intelligence: Self-Image

by Jhanica Cortez

Intrapersonal Intelligence is an intelligence of being able to, basically, self reflect.

By late 2010, ‘Self Image’, an unpopular annual sharing of Youtubers about who and what they think they arose. It happens by December to January and the video consists of just a a person talking in front of the camera talking about himself.

Here is an example:

And since we’re in the topic, I’d also participate on this Self Image project. So here’s a brief one:

I am Jhanica Castañeda Cortez. People call me Nica, Cai or Nikae. I am 19. A Leo. I am a sister, a daughter. a grandchild to one, a cousin and a niece to many. I am a friend. I am a best friend to three. I am not in love. I am a college student at University of Santo Tomas. I like to draw. I also like to speak my mind. I love books, comics, music, beautiful films and heat. I want to live in New York. I am ambitious. So far, I don’t know where I am currently at life. Or perhaps, where I’m about to go. Life is a big ocean and I let its waves take me anywhere. I hope to inspire and to give.

How about you? What’s your self-image for this year?

7 thoughts on “Intrapersonal Intelligence: Self-Image

  1. miccobalana says:

    I love how personal the video was. It’s incredibly crafted as well, talking about the videography and the lighting and the video as an art. I find it’s hippy-ness quite amusing too and since I’m inclined to cooking I love the bits of it. Loving this so much! I’ll find time to make my own self-image for this year too. In a video? Let’s see.

    Liked by 1 person

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