Science Of Stupid – The PogoStick

By Stephanie Inocencio

Studying Hooke’s Law by using The PogoStick.

If you want to enjoy playing the pogo stick without hurting yourself too much I think you need to know that it’s all about physics! What is Robert Hooke’s Law? Hooke’s Law is a law that shows the relationship between the forces applied to a spring and its elasticity. If you will apply it with the pogo stick Hooke’s Law will be the amount of force that is place on the pogo stick (how hard you jump) will affect how high you go on in the air. The weight of the person can also affect on how high will you go on a pogo stick. The heavier weight will most likely jump higher than with the lesser weight because they will apply more force in jumping.

BLOGOSPHERE: World of Blogs

By: Stephanie Inocencio

Based on my research “blogosphere” describes a collection of blogs on the Internet and the term was first used in late 1999 as a joke, and continued to be used sporadically as a humorous term for the next few years.

Blogosphere is made up of all the blogs in the internet talking or sharing about anything under the sun. I can say that it is one of the modern ways for us to express our thoughts, our own creativity and our reaction, suggestions, opinions about an issue or any current phenomena. We are free to post whenever or whatever we want. Through these blogs we can read and get information and updates that we need. Blogging is also a way of influencing people to read, react and support. Blogosphere is our connection to the world.