‘Blogging’ is a form of ‘Sharing’

childs head with symbolsThe term “blogosphere” is mainly about different kinds of blogs online. The blogs are considered as a community or as a social networking service by authors who could voice out their opinions on and about anything. The media also refers this term to the “Internet”.

I am one of the people who are more talkative online. Just like any other person in this world, my mind never runs out of thoughts. When I was a kid, I usually scribble them on journals. And now that we are this generation of high technology, I am also involved on several sites in which I could post what I want to share. Most of my blogs contain what’s going on or what has happened throughout my day. I could write about what I feel, post photographs and just document every moment of my life like the ones I do on my journals.

On my second year of college, I attended this Blog Convention with one of my friends and had a more broad perspective on “Blogging”. At first, I thought it was only for my personal leisure. But, then these speakers said that blogging is more than that. They said that blogging also helps people. It encourages, inspires and entertains a lot of readers and viewers online.

What are you waiting for? Share your thoughts. You’ll never know how much people you could encourage, inspire and entertain.