The science of society.

While taking a class in sociology. I was given a new insight from the lecture of the professor. An insight on development.

It came to me as the professor was asking, “What is development? Does having these things make a country developed?” which made me dive into further thinking.

What Really is Development?

Does having a grand city mean that the city is developed? That a city has plenty of nightclubs, casinos and malls, people believe it to be a developed country. Though even if you have a city littered with Malls to cater to the rich, grandiose buildings adorning the city skyline that the metropolis looks like a diamond glittering in the sunlight, can it be called developed? Even when more than half of the population is barely getting by? When more than half does not have access to these so called “man made wonders”?…

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5 thoughts on “Development

  1. miccobalana says:

    Development to me is actually a very threatening word. It carries a lot of way and it seems rather subjective as well. Note that people may have varied ways to explain development so that alone is a terrifying fact plus the fact the progress and change is limitless so we can never really know where we’re heading.

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