by  Christine Caisip



University of Santo Tomas



Yesterday I remembered

I was crying my eyes out

but today I can’t stop smiling

Life is bipolar that way

one day death seems like the only option you have

and the next day, life seems like the only greatest thing

and that’s totally normal

you’re gonna have the days you cry in so much pain

down on your knees,

days that you’d rather be dead

and there will be days when all you do is to smile

your laugh will be so rhythmic, so free

like the thought of just living excites you

we will all find happiness suddenly

but you just gotta keep pushing

because there is so much more to see

there is so much more in life


The Voyager (pointilism using pens)

Pontillism (Pen)

The Voyager – Pontillism (Pen) by Mary Hazel San Juan

This was one of my work during my First Year in CFAD. It was entitled: “The Voyager” because in our everyday lives, we tend to travel and search for new things. We explore and discover new things. Just like in Science, we are discovering new things to improve more the technologies and the things around us. I encourage everyone to continue traveling in our own little ways, to discover the beautiful world around us and appreciate what God had asked us to protect which is the Mother Nature.

Marian and Ryzza Goes to UST

10599567_10204877159713096_5027802048987595136_n 10615693_825374384148236_973353680_n 10608815_825374414148233_761698199_n 1482771_10204877219634594_6954697427489229038_n 14204_10204877206794273_9023658451209929867_n 10643303_825374380814903_708911933_n

Last August 16, Saturday, GMA actress and talent Marian Rivera and Ryzza Mae of Eat Bulaga, surprised every Thomasian as they had their shooting day at the Plaza Mayor for their upcoming movie “Bad Ang Sinungaling” to be aired sooner or later in theaters nationwide. As my friends and I got the chance to be closer to the both of them, I felt the excitement rushing through my veins for that was the first time I saw Marian Rivera live. She was so pretty and really skinny too- no doubt why she got all Thomasians star strucked the whole time. While on the other hand, Ryzza Mae reminded me of my 4 year old nephew who I really think would love to be friends with Ryzza for they both are so chubby and just so bibbo at the same time. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to have solo pictures with them. But here are some of the pictures I took when they were at UST.

The Brand of Teaching

How can we describe a good teacher or a good professor?


In the Norm: Teacher- comes in class-check attendance-lectures-quiz-dismissal.

In the old times did you know that the idea of selling water particularly in water bottles people thought that it was a silly idea? Which we can now find sold all over the world by groceries, convenience stores or street vendors! That unique idea at first sounded silly, crazy, weird and/but unique but now it evolved to be worldwide; never the less, it has a particular classification which we call brands! (Ex. Summit, Cystal Clear, Aqua Fina, Absolute etc.)

Our professor, Prof. Rom Cumagun introduced to us a different approach in teaching which he calls “Blogosphere.” It sounded unique, but most of us, his students, weren’t interested about it; because we were taught by the “Norm,” we accepted the traditional way of teaching where we can learn and get our grades from.
Like no other professor, we broke the ice by asking him what his real objective in teaching is. Why is he not giving lectures from a book? Why is he discussing about blogging? At first, we didn’t understand, but one phrase he said that inspired me was: “I have a big dream that someday, YOU, as advertising students, might someday become leaders” which led to an answer to those questions of ours. He wanted us to be authors, not to be readers. He has this big vision for us that someday we will be discovered by our unique ideas like Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, William Gilbert a.k.a. to be Leaders, Celebrities, Known Names in the Industry!



His approach of teaching was like this…

Prof. Cumagun-Prayer-discussion of blogs-interaction-grading system based on our multiple intelligence-attendance-dismissal

As an advertising student, he introduced his own brand as a professor which makes him one of a kind. He is not like any other professor who just teaches but requires us to interact with people through blogging, not in a traditional way of teaching, but by applying our major in a practical way! He, I would say, should be called our personal trainer, because he exercises us our major in advertising by blogging.

Our Believer, Trainer and Professor sir I respect your approach in teaching. It may be unique but that uniqueness might lead us someday to be successful professionals in our field. Thank you.


by Aquino, Joseph Andre Z. 3AD7
Submission for NS102

“Why do we opt for perfection?”

“Is it a norm to have a mindset that limited?” 

These are questions I asked myself as I walked home from school. My mind grew curious as to why we shackle ourselves to superficial beliefs that hinder us from our full potentials when we, as human beings, are unbounded, and we’re given the choice to be ignorant and oblivious about our surroundings.

The universe was created through deformity—it was never perfect, but by chance it was in the exact moment for our reality to exist. There is no such thing as perfect in this world, though sometimes things may seem ideal to our criteria that still isn’t perfect. If something is perfect, then there is nothing left—no place left for anyone to gain additional knowledge or develop abilities. Symmetry produces nothing more than appeal and admiration; it destroys our room for imagination. I myself see beauty in balance and uniformity but it constrains my ideas and produces something more manufactured than created. As an artist, this idea bothers me. I would like to see the appeal in my work, but if I have to address to a moral and produce substandard work, I would rather not make outputs.

As my mind travels deeper and further from which it originates, I can’t help asking more questions, including this: “Are we so fixated about what other people think about us? Or deep inside we are really insecure?” It is not clear in the society as to why we act this way or as to why we are curious about a caged life, but I would rather utilize continuous development and refinement for it has helped man in more ways than being organized and structured.

“Remember. You can feel it if you hold your hand against your chest. It belongs to no one. It’s our pulse, yours and mine. This is what brings us to the truth. It’s what proves that we are the very world itself. Follow your instincts. The answer is already there.”

Gerard Ellis, Untitled (Disillusionment), 2013, Mixed Media on canvas

Gerard Ellis Untitled (Disillusionment), 2013 Mixed Media on canvas

NOTE: Post I made since I did not join the Creative Writing Workshop of The Varsitarian.

different beings

by lea guangko – 3ad6

Different beings by Lea Guangko

“Lovers at Naiya” Photo taken by Rom Cumagun summer of 2014 with UST Architecture Alumni Nuj Ar

it is odd to think how different we may be

from the way we think, the way we eat

the way we talk, and how we sleep

i like staying in, and you don’t

you’d rather be out there, while i stay at home

i like ketchup on my fries, you like them plain

you love the sun, while i love the rain

you sleep with the lights on, i sleep better when it’s dark

i say you’re a coward, you disagree

i was just kidding, can’t you see???

your handwriting is ugly, that’s how messed up you are

but, i am a neat freak, you are the messiest person i’ve met so far

nonetheless, i still can see

all the beauty in your wormy brain

that’s why we’re here, to keep each other sane

this is how we are, and i don’t think this will ever change

like the sun and moon, we’ll wait until we finally collide

this is beautiful, i must say

we may be very different beings, but i wish for you to stay.

(this entry is for sir rom cumagun’s class and not for the varsitarian creative writing workshop)

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N.A.S.A. Voyager Space Sounds

This is good for your science classes…
Do You Hear It? Every Night, The Universe Is Singing To God!

In the nineteenth psalm, David tells us “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1) – and indeed, the stars can take our breath away. In the right light, they can even give us a sense of God’s incredible power and love for us. But more than just their vision, it is said that all of creation sings. Medieval and Renaissance poets talked of “the music of the spheres,” and our seven notes in music come from 7 days in a week and 7 (classically identified) planets, that biblical divine number of completion. How little did we know how true it was – the incredible music the planets sing to God! Read more at

I agree with mother and I searched for the availability of the sounds.

Downloading this video is the simplest way like using an online downloader like ClipConverter.

I found them downloadable, too in a peer-to-peer network. Download Nasa Voyager Space Sounds using a Torrent sharing client like Vuse.


IT’S OVER!!! The Fight Is Over!!

Teacher Rom Cumagun shared a link. Posted by WordPress · August 6

Thanks  for sharing this video,

I am surprised by the conclusion arrived at by the author of this video and need to repeat viewing it so I can fully grasp the arguments presented; however, at first viewing it does make sense.

To our readers, watch the video so you, too, can conclude if the author is correct in claiming “IT’S OVER!!! The Fight Is Over!!” Carina Bonalos like this.