by: Jairus David (3AD7)

It was a scorching Tuesday afternoon when I got home from school. I was so sleepy and tired that I couldn’t even undress myself. I lay down on my bed thinking about the things/plates that needs to be done by weekend and then suddenly, there’s this one thing that I remembered. An activity we did in our NatSci subject last weekend. It is called Einstein’s “riding the beam of light”. It was a really fun activity that I thought to myself that I should try it again while I was trying to regain my energy from a very stressful day in school. The activity requires you to close your eyes and try to imagine a beam of light and ride it and travel to places that you want to go.  So here it goes:

I closed my eyes and imagined a beam of light. And as I was trying to play with my imagination I tried to make the lights look colorful, and the result? A group of colorful neon lights (green, red, yellow and blue) that turned into a car shaped neon lights. I rode it and I was hesitating at first because I don’t know how to drive a car! But as soon as I sat down on its very colorful car seat, I saw this big red button that says “push” on it, I pushed it and the car engine starts to function and the car started to move faster and faster like it was one of those formula one race cars. I put my hands up in the air, closed my eyes and started screaming like I was in a space shuttle ride in Enchanted Kingdom! I was having a lot of fun! Until the car starts to slow down. My eyes are still closed and I hear the sound of chirping birds. At  first I thought I was in a jungle or something but as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw this very interesting tree. Its leaves are made out of blue cotton candy and its branches? Chocolate bars. The clouds are also made out of cotton candy(pink), there were life size candy canes, peppermint candies, ice creams and skittles everywhere, and the chirping birds that I heard earlier? They’re made out of fried oreos!  “I’m in candylanddddd!!!!” I screamed.

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As I was trying to explore candyland, a group of wild and angry gummy bears appeared and started chasing me. They were screaming at me and I couldn’t understand anything because they’re speaking in different languages. I kept on running and was trying to look for my neon lights car, but it’s gone! ­I closed my eyes again and tried to imagine how my car looked like. I was having a hard time to picture it in my head since I was being chased by these angry, loud colorful creatures, but as soon as I opened my eyes, my car appeared! I ran as fast as I could, hopped into the car and pressed the red button. The angry mob of gummy bears were so pissed that they tried to throw a jawbreaker candy at my car to stop me but failed. I was laughing at them so hard but I guess the saying, “karma’s just around the corner” is real and my car got hit by a golden truck.

I suddenly woke up, still in my uniform, and realized it was all just a dream! 


Note: Sir, this is the short story that i made since i will not be joining the creative writing workshop of the varsitarian