My Dream For You

Dear Francesca

My heart did break when no one in the class stood up to clarify your query in my behalf. I felt like I have miserable failed as a professor and have earned my salary unjustly.  I realize, too, that I should have prepared you more for the teaching style that I wanted to implement. Here is the page where I share the direction of our science class. Thank you for recognising my dream for all of you to become well-rounded learners and knowledge creators — authors, in other words. To quote my speech that day, “my dream is for you not to be just reading about Einstein but for you to be like Einstein, discovering something new which others will study. Thank you for indicating your willingness to try out my invitation to study with the blogosphere in mind; I, too will do my best to adjust my strategies that will be stimulating to the majority of students.

REALIZATIONS !!! ( August 3, 2014) by Francesca Tobias

           Last August 3, 2014 during our (NATURAL SCIENCE) period, we were shocked when our Professor, Mr, Rom Cumagun announced that our Preliminary Exams will be based on all the posts in this WordPress account. Indeed it wasn’t the usual way so we all took the courage to ask him for clarifications and suggestions.

I personally felt left out from the other sections because most of them had different topics already and ours were a little shaky I guess when it comes to the way of flow of the course. I felt that there wasn’t this exact focus on the main course which was Natural Science. I guess that Natural Science is really broad because who doesn’t agree that “everything is connected to everything else” ? Maybe I was waiting for a distinction and I might as well tell my professor my opinion rather than sitting still and class unanswered by my thoughts. I am the type that couldn’t keep still until I get to find the answers for my questions. So there I said it.

It broke my heart because I felt really bad how I made my professor feel unaccepted because I couldn’t understand where the subject was going and couldn’t find clarity in his unique way of teaching, but after he explained to us his dreams for us, it made me think twice. Maybe now is the time for change, time to stop sticking with the rules. After all, nothing came to those who didn’t try right ? So I’m giving another chance to Mr. Cumagun , I hope he gives us another chance as well. I hope that things will get better in the end and I hope we can all adjust for the better! 🙂 🙂

Balancing Traditional and Non-Traditional Classroom Strategies

Thank you so much Nicole Shane Abria Perez NS102 3AD-6 for your feedback. Your proposal for us to meet halfway between traditional and non-traditional teaching is point very well taken. I will do my best to adjust my classroom strategies.

Realizations by Nicole Perez

I want to share my realizations about everything in both our subjects here. I just want to say that I understand your philosophies and style of teaching but given that I am used to the traditional style of teaching, I got overwhelmed with your new style. I got confuse because I’m not really into blogging and I am not familiar to this type of blogging. I am used to sharing my opinions inside the classroom where the professor could listen to it physically. I guess what happened between our block and you is just a miscommunication. Forgive us if you think we’re antoginizing you. We actually don’t. We just shared what we think of of your sytle, Sir. I guess the best that could happen now is for us – students and you as a prof alike – to meet halfway. I think it would be best if go traditional but you could still be non-traditional at the same time. In this way, we would meet with each and everyone’s form of sharing and understanding. Thank you for bearing with my thoughts.