Close Encounters of The Third Kind and Luiza Artillero

Follow this link to read Luiza Artillero’s movie revue of the movie.

I am excited that a student took my suggestion to:

  • Learn science (for non-science majors) by way of acquiring a taste for science fiction.
  • Conceptualize advertising campaigns (my first set of students are advertising majors but for future readers of this blog, conceptualizing skills are for every professional) by studying science.
  • Learn Adverstising and Science by way of movie watching and making. (I have suggested Lorenzo’s Oil as one non-science character learns science to solve his predicament. If one of my students can revue this one, it would be another great thrill for me.)

Luiza confesses that she is not into sci-fi and so double is my thrill that she extended her interest in this area by downloading her copy and watching it the soonest time possible. My hope is that she watches more. Steven Spielberg did lots in this genre. She concludes her review with a question “If you had a close encounter how would you react and what would you do?” To which my reply: I would do my best to make friends with them.