by Pamela Bacay

I saw this animation on youtube about Energy that can help us art students understand it even better while enjoying the cartoons 🙂

We also discussed about Energy last saturday, August 2, 2014 and watched another episode of Bill Nye the science guy.

I learned that the common forces of energy were potential and kinetic energy. The fossil fuels are also energy resources which are a viral topic in our economics and politics. Oils and gas are formed by the use of fossil fuels which is very important in running the electricity. It takes more than 650 million years to form a fossil fuel. Based on my research, USA has the biggest consumption of the fossil fuels.


Follow the conversation of this post by Pamela Bacay as shared by Teacher Rom Cumagun.


One thought on “Energy

  1. Thanks for sharing this animated video and your research of fossil fuel consumption. Fossil fuels will take millions of years to renew itself and once we consume all of it, we will have a problem if we are not ready with alternative renewable energy sources.


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