The Blogosphere

by: Garcia, Ricael

I did this SUPER short animation which is somehow a failure. Some of the elements that I placed there got erased, I might add that I didn’t know where it is and I also did not know that after publishing it in YouTube it will be a low quality. But the video is still clear for the viewers so please bear with my visualization of the structure of Blogosphere.

The elements that got lost in the process of exporting are the bubbles of the different Blog websites. Since our prof. in earth and science really do love his philosophy in teaching that uses blogs, we had been tasked to create some visuals (either drawing or digital) that explains the structure of Blogosphere.

In my understanding, Blogosphere means a collective blogs as a whole and as you can see our website is one of the example of Blogosphere, made of different co-authors of the blog. And in this instances, we inform each other, creating the “highway of informations”.

In my visual, it shows how we can exchange different information around the world through different blogs or you can include the technology since my visuals did not really indicate the topic about blogs because of some problems on exporting.

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9 thoughts on “The Blogosphere

  1. This is the first original video animation I have seen in the seven weeks our classes have been going on and I must give credit that your attempt to visualise the blogosphere is commendable. As I have mentioned over and over, I am interested in seeing your efforts to accomplish a project from conception of the idea to its completion. In this piece of animation, I look at this as a study. Several studies can still be done until you are completely happy with your work. Do post a revised video asap (complete with all the bubbles). In the meantime, I will recognise your full attendance on Aug 23 and will do my best to encourage your explorations with animated video and publishing on youtube.


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